Geeous, I long for combat.

Trying to add the text size sliders to the panels that could use it, such as the Parse Panes. However, no matter how I add it in, they just wont show up. Very frustrating. We'll probably delay the release until the end or summer or beginning of the fall, since we still have to integrate the versions. I am also planning to add the expression shortcuts to the PDAs.

En Taro Adun.

Adding the option to only accept single character transitions for the pushdown automaton. When enabled, the editor does not accept multiple character strings for transition arguments. Pop exact one character, push zero or one character.

My life for Aiur.

Added the savepreferences code for saving the number of undo actions in preferences to the xml file. I think I got the PDA to accept with a completely empty stack instead of accepting when the bottom of the stack marker is still on the stack.


Trying to add Color selection for the states. Unfortunately, there is little interaction between the objects that are necessary to link for the functionality. I'm trying to come up with some way to do this.


Testing the Accept by Empty stack for Pushdown Automata. It seems to work. I'll have to check that both the automaton and the individual configuration both accept correctly and on the proper step. Professor Astrachan's talk was quite engaging today.


Third iteration of the curvature algorithm, that only take perpendicular distance to the line between the states, instead of changing curvature when adjusting along that imaginary parallel line. Also, I enabled the accept by empty stack condition for PDAs. Now I'm testing it to see if it's implemented correctly.


Finishing up the transition curvature. Got it to be consistent, though I needed an algorithm change. My original formula was based on the difference in y-axis distances, which is fine for states on the same horizontal line. My new algorithm also is consistent for states in a vertical line, by taking into account x-axis distance in perpendicular plane to the center of the states. Henry asked me to move and fix the Undo Set Amount option to the Dialogue menu instead of the file menu, which needed a bit of rewriting, since originally the AutomatonEnvironment was required, but is not initialized in the Preferences Dialogue


Making progress in having JFLAP store the curvature for transitions, doing it in a similar way to the self transitions with a supplementary map. Also, we need to decide what to do when there are forward and backward transitions on two states. Originally, the transitions are automatically arced in opposite positions. Should we allow the transitions to be on the same side?


Adding manual transition curving. Instead of modifying the Quadcurve, I use the custom written curvature factor, so the transition remains symmetrical. This way fits into the existing code better. Now im running into the same problem as with the selftransitions, where all transitions are cleared and redrawn with every change to the automaton.


Read "The Cathedral and the Bazaar," which discusses the experiences of Eric Steven Raymond, the developer of fetchmail as an open source project, with references to Linux. Pretty interesting read, and probably very relevant if we decide to make JFLAP open source. Looking into modifying the transitions to allow user changes to the appearance of the curves.