Fixed the Configuration selection bug. Apparently the JtoggleButton was the inherent selection, which was neglected originally. Now the GUI appearance will not be misleading.


We decided to implement adjusting the font for the Note zooming so we used the code i wrote previously. Looking at the Configurations for the Configuration Pane to fix the slection/freezing/thawing bug.

JFLAP Q( '.'Q)

Previously the automaton zoom/scaling did not resize the Notes, so I'm trying to rescale them as well on a similar scale. I discovered that the notes behave sporadically when moved at a higher zoom. Actually, since the graphics object is being resized, Henry is going to try to make sure the notes aren't drawn out of order, so the automaton resizer will work. Going through the code to find uncommented/undocumented classes, and fixing typos.


Continuing through the tutorials. Apparently the saving of the canvas as various image formats was broken for Linux when I had trouble with the directories. I added text sliders to the user control grammar parsing and the CYK Parse. Added text size slider to Right linear grammar conversion to FA, CFG to PDA (LL) and (LR), and Grammar transform pane. Discovered that the Undo function does not work for Turing Building Blocks.


Tested the delete tool to see if it deletes correct stacked states. Testing, referencing tutorials, went through FSA conversion, Mealy, Moore, PDA. In the PDA to grammar conversion, added a text size slider. Continuing testing, i think there's an issue with the Undo/Redo and the turing machine building block tool, it's not reading it correctly. Also added a text size slider to ParsePane.


Adding javadocs to some code. Looking through the Simulation and Configuration code to try to figure out the selection inconsistencies when stepping an automaton. Fixed the delete cursor so the hotspot is the center of the X instead of the default left corner of the cursor image. Skimmed some of the Undo code just to see how it works.

JFLAP (o)>

Doing some testing today, running through the FSA online tutorials as a reference. The freezing and thawing and selecting and the indication of selection each of the panes of the individual configurations is somewhat odd. Also, when labeling FSA transitions on the canvas, the cell is selected, but sometimes can't be typed in and must be doubleclicked.


I got the Simulator to accept shortcut ranges, so the drawing will be simplified. Somehow the remaining input is processed incorrectly, which I'm trying to figure out. I can't see where the unprocessed input is updated; the setUnprocessedInput does not seem to be called.

Nevermind, fixed the unprocessed input discrepancy. I think a more robust parser could be pursued next, for letters and integers other than what i've tested so far. I'm not sure if there's a standard way to do this.

It looks like the shortcut works for single digit integers, lowercase letters, and uppercase letters.


Not only does the undo function not undo JFLAP Notes actions, I discovered a reproducible OutOfMemoryError, regarding GC overhead when working with JFLAP Notes, Undo, and Redo and conveyed it to Henry. With respect to the range of transitions, Henry and I brainstormed for a while and came up with a seemingly viable solution to having the simulator handle parsing transition label shortcuts.


Fixed the version control, updated CVS with the relevant changes I've made. Tried to reinstall Batik and messed with the build path, but I keep getting errors with it. Originally, the file had odd formatting or something that caused eclipse to mark nearly every line as a compile error. I skimmed the Google Analytics page to see if it would be useful for JFLAP. Since I seem to be hitting a roadblock, i started to do some testing. Apparently the Automaton zooming doesn't zoom the notes. Also, I don't think the undo function acknowledges notes either.